Ashish Patel


  • Bhawana Rathore

    Bhawana Rathore

    Passionate abt food, garden and Feng shui

  • Pritesh Tailor

    Pritesh Tailor

    DevOps/Cloud engineer and a specialist in Scientific and High Performance Computing with a Phd in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry.

  • Diogo Torres

    Diogo Torres

  • Dmytro Symonenko

    Dmytro Symonenko

  • Abhishek Pratap Singh

    Abhishek Pratap Singh

    Senior Vice President Engineering,Architecture, Cloud , Big Data & Security at DBS Bank | Open Source Contributor | Influencer |

  • Samriddhi Palchowdhury

    Samriddhi Palchowdhury

    Content writing enthusiast with an affinity for classic literature and piping hot coffee!

  • Filip Meštrović

    Filip Meštrović

  • Mav Louv

    Mav Louv

    I am a systems administrator, I am passionate about Azur and AWS cloud technologies, and web development with php

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