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Ashish Patel
Application load balancer (ALB) and Network load balancer (NLB)


Kubernetes — Ingress


What is Ingress in Kubernetes?


Azure Application Gateway

Azure Application Gateway — Route Based Traffic
  1. With AGW, on top of load balancing your workloads, you can make routing decisions based on URI path or host headers. For example, you can route traffic based on the incoming URL. If /images are in the inbound URL, you can route traffic to a specific set of servers (or pool) configured for images…

Clean Architecture


Clean Architecture Overview

Terraform — Remote States


Why you need Terraform Remote States?

Kubernetes Storage — PV, PVC and Storage Class


  • Persistent Volume — low level representation of a storage volume.
  • Persistent Volume Claim — binding between a Pod and Persistent Volume.
  • Storage Class — allows for dynamic provisioning of Persistent Volumes.

Persistent Volumes (PV)

  • PV is an abstraction for the physical storage device that attached to the cluster. PV is used to manage durable storage which needs actual physical storage.
  • PV is independent of…

Reference: Microsoft


Azure ExpressRoute

Amazon MQ (ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ)


Amazon MQ Features

  • Managed Service — Amazon MQ manages administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, broker setup, software upgrades, and failure detection and recovery.
  • Security — Amazon MQ provides encryption of messages at rest and in transit.
  • Monitoring — Amazon MQ is integrated with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail.
  • Broker Instance Types — Amazon MQ supports both single-instance brokers, suitable for evaluation…

Kubernetes Architecture and Components


Kubernetes Architecture

Control Plane

  • Also known as master node or head node.
  • The control plane manages the worker…

Azure Management Groups and Subscriptions


Azure Resource Management Hierarchy

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